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kerry3Kerry Gardette has a long and distinguished career in sales and marketing. In his many years with major corporations he has recruited, trained and developed personalized strategies for several individuals working in successful positions at corporations such as Nike, Heublein, Christian Brothers Sales Company, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, and Eli Lilly & Company.

Mr. Gardette has received many awards and certificates in the field of sales and marketing. As well, he has a proven track record of training and developing people. Promoting successful business plans, and personnel selection gave him the insight and inspiration to create an exciting and explosive document to assist others that had not crossed his path to gain valuable knowledge, and the job they desired by utilizing an unique formula for success. That led to the writing of three books, entitled: How To Get Your Dream Job In 60 Days (for college graduates), 60 Days To Your Dream Job (for everyone looking to change jobs, industries or careers) to be published in 2010, and How To Find Mr. Right.  Once these books were completed, Kerry turned his talents to a more creative project. He is a consummate artist, one who appreciates the talents and attributes of the women in his life. Along the way, there have been many women he has known both personally and professionally who have encountered difficulties with men. Toward that end, Kerry has turned his considerable life experience to address those issues.

Mr. Gardette has been married to his wife for forty years. He has a daughter, sister, and nine nieces. Therefore, his immediate family experience alone should qualify him as an expert on women and their relationships with men. However, he has also been a sounding board for countless numbers of women with whom he has had contact in his professional life. Many of those women have shared their experiences and asked him for advice over the years. Thus, Kerry used his expertise in this area to create a method for women to meet men in a fun and unassuming way, by playing “The Game” to find Mr. Right.