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Insight Learning Foundation

The Insight Learning Foundation seeks to be a valuable resource for innovative tools, techniques, and training programs that help youth and adults regardless of background or personality style learn the skills they need to succeed in life. In 1994, Nathan K. Bryce and Russell R. Kesterson organized the company. Its purpose was to make important discoveries (such as information on human temperament) available and affordable to businesses, families, educators, and government workers. To accomplish this mission, Insight has assembled a talented core of independent trainers and product developers who have hundreds of years of combined experience in providing effective educational seminars and workshops. These people have worked with some of the most difficult-to-teach individuals that society has produced. They have found ways to give participants the intrinsic motivation to improve their lives and develop the skills they need to become successful. To date, millions of people from every continent on the planet have successfully completed programs developed by Insight personnel.

downloadNathan K. Bryce

Nathan is the co-founder and president of the Insight Learning Foundation, an international educational organization. He is the author of an extensive collection of books, training presentations, course materials, lesson plans, news articles, television programs, and multimedia publications which teach a variety of cognitive, social, personal, family, and employment skills that help people succeed in life. After several years of full-time research and thousands of interviews, in 1994 he published the Insight Temperament Test—the only personality test to be granted a US patent. His work has been distributed on every continent and has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of individuals. From boardrooms to family rooms, and from courtrooms to college classrooms, Nathan's products help people to understand others better, strengthen interpersonal relationships, successfully motivate others, reduce stress and conflict, increase empathy and tolerance, energize the learning process, and promote effective communication. At the Insight Learning Foundation, his administrative duties include overseeing the training and product development efforts of the company, establishing strategic business partnerships, and providing leadership to thousands of Insight facilitators, trainers, and associates throughout the world. He presently resides in Orem, Utah with his wife Kristin and four sons.



The Developer of Slow & Tight…….Who is SHANE DAILEY?
(and why the hell should you listen to him)

The Guy Who Wrote “the Book” about online dating (for men)!

The basics:
I would like to introduce you to someone--me. As important as the information is in the Slow & Tight system, it is just as important for you to know the source of that information. As an avid user of the Internet for more than a decade, I have seen its growth, influence, and benefits on the real world of dating.
Since developing and perfecting  the Slow & Tight system I have literally scored hundreds of beautiful women simply using online dating.  These women range from beautiful porn stars to LA’s hottest models and actresses to the sexy professional women you see in every office building.  These women are all looking for you, you just need to how to recognize it and real them in!  Now, Slow & Tight lays out all my secrets so you can have the same experiences I have every day of my life!  I want to give you what I've learned so that, not only do you get your money's worth from the book and system, but you get your money's worth from your own online dating experiences—and have fun doing it.

College and Beyond:
After graduating college from the University of Cincinnati, I migrated to California and now, 14 years later, I developed Slow & Tight which gives complete information about online dating tips and dating relationship advice for men, from my L.A. high-rise, hoping to help—no, change--the lives of men who struggle with a medium unlike any other for finding females--the Internet. As a multiple business owner and real estate investor, I have had to work the World Wide Web for everything from finances and sourcing data to real estate and stock purchases to getting a quality date for a party. I consider myself a charter member of the online community.

Living on the coast has taught me how important physical fitness is to my lifestyle—and to yours, too, regardless of where you live. Even if you live where you can't surf, you can find a pool and do laps. If you can't find a place to ski, then get on an elliptical machine. You must adopt this frame of mind in all that you do, in business and in pleasure. Training your body properly runs hand in hand with training your mind. This definitely applies to finding your perfect female on the Web.

Personal Life:
Another significant feather in my cap is my actual personal life. I live on the front lines of dating. My social life includes dating, relationships, flings, affairs, NSA (no strings attached), coffee dates, cocktail dates, dinner dates, double dates, day dates, night dates, and, of course, booty calls. From my personal experience, it is a must to know a few dating tips and flirting tips for men before going on dates with hot woman. Why is that important to you? I'll tell you why. Do you want advice on how to fix your car from a dentist? Do you want to be taught how to swim by a couch potato? Do you want dating advice from a homebody? No, my horny go-getter friends, no. I will tell you what you want: someone successful who has practiced what he preaches and will bring that to the table. Bingo, baby, that's me.

Believe it or not my social life does consist of more than just women and dating. I have some great friends and we are always doing exciting things. On a typical weekend you can find me surfing, boating or simply hanging around a beach somewhere in So Cal. On the not so typical weekends I am jetting off somewhere as close as Las Vegas and as far away as Thailand! No matter where I am you can bet I am having a great time!

Professional Endeavors:

As I mentioned earlier that I own several business that have helped shape who I am and lead me up to today. Besides those businesses there are several other very important professional endeavors that have contributed to my online dating success and will indirectly contribute to yours as well!

My main company, The Smart Money Group is a real estate finance company and equity management firm. We offer all real estate services from mortgages to real estate transactions to strategically reinvesting home equity into different types of high yield investment vehicles.

Next is that I am a published writer besides the Slow & Tight system I have written several wonderful business articles for the Long Beach Magazine, a beautiful monthly subscription magazine in Southern California. These business articles all have a direct correlation to the Slow & Tight System because you must look at online dating as a business if you want to be successful.

If that isn’t enough I also hosted a Los Angles radio show on several major stations. First I was on the CBS talk station 97.1 Free Fm. Then in 2007 I went over to AM 830, the Anaheim Angels and the Mighty Ducks Sports Network. This has been a great experience that has opened my mind to the power of helping people.  

Speaking of helping, one of my other favorite careers is actually being a teacher. I love being a teacher and giving back the knowledge I have to share. I have taught finance classes at several Los Angeles Colleges and now currently teach, “Successful Online Dating for Men” at Pasadena Community College. Pasadena Community College is one of the largest Community Colleges in Southern California and I am honored they asked me to teach this class. The book Slow & Tight is the actual textbook I use to teach my college class. So if anyone ever gives you gripe about what you know about online dating, you can honestly say, “I was taught by the only college professor to ever teach a college course on online dating for MEN!

Lastly, if I tie all my business skills, teaching skills, broadcasting experience together with my knowledge of online dating, naturally what comes next is personal coaching. Three years ago is when I brought on my first client for free because I could see he needed some serious help. I felt horrible about how much success I was having meanwhile he was getting nowhere! Soon after his success shot through the roof and I had friends and friends of friends asking if I could help them as well. Obviously, as a business man I realize my time was valuable and I can now charge for my premium services. They were all too pleased to pay for my time to help them get the success I had already proven I was capable of bringing! This was the beginning of Slow & Tight and the best part was, I was helping men finally get all they deserved! My heart was now in coaching because I can take all that I love and package it together to help my individual clients succeed. The best part is that I get to watch my clients grow and succeed meanwhile gauging my success by seeing the happiness come into each of their lives as they become fulfilled by all the new women and excitement in their lives. Maybe someday you too will become one of my premium clients!

Before we go I must share my philosophy with you: Women and men cannot be friends. Women besides your family members have one of three roles. First, a female business associate, not a friend, a business associate. The second possible role is a date. The third, um, uh, there is no third. Men think with their penises because we are visual creatures. So the real reason that men and women cannot be friends is that men can't be trusted with a woman's vagina. If you remember this, utilize your own assets, and practice the Slow & Tight system, you will build more confidence than you ever imagined. And that is what is truly attractive to ALL women!

You are about to start your own Slow & Tight system to meet more hot women at the one place that it is easier to meet quality women. The place all the girls show up in masses--the Internet. Thank you for taking a positive step toward successful online dating with Slow & Tight as your guide.