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Color Personality Program



Color Personality Concept

Knowing a man’s Color Personality will help you to understand how men act and think. Knowing how men act and think will help you to find your Mr. Right. Recognizing the color personality style of the men you are attracted too…You will begin to understand how men act in different situations…You can then react and communicate, based on their color personality style.

Color Personality Purpose

You will learn a great deal about yourself and those around you. You can identify the attributes they admire, their values, and the activities that bring them joy. You can determine what men want from relationships…how they show affection… and what strengths and weaknesses they bring to a relationship…

Color Personality Objective

The first objective is to teach you how to identify your own style and the style of others. You will gain insight into why men think, feel and act the way they do. This information will change the way you see yourself and others around you. This experience will completely change your life. New doors will open for you, and your understanding of people will reach new levels you never thought possible.

Color Personsonality Description

There are four color personality types. Each one has been named after a color: Blue, Gold, Green and Orange

Your own color personality style is extremely unique. It is composed of a blend of all four colors – creating what we call your color personality spectrum. Each person is born with one color that fits your style more than any other. This is your primary color.

Your primary color is the most important color. The other three colors have a declining impact on your personality. Your color spectrum is unique to you; there are not many people share the exact same blend of color personality types.

Color Personality Test

The test will identify your complete color spectrum, and your unique blend of all four colors. There are ten different test categories: Values, Motivation, Communication, Work, Supervision, Recreation, Childhood, Youth, Education, and Love.

There are four statements in each category… You grade each statement from 4-0 points….

Always like me (100% of the time) 4 points
Usually like me (75% of the time) 3 points
Sometimes like me (50% of the time) 2 points
Seldom like me (25% of the time) 1 point
Never liked me (0 % of the time) 0 points

You will receive your personal Color Spectrum…

1st Your highest or brightest color (primary) ______________
2nd Your next highest color (secondary) ______________
3rd Your next highest color (tertiary) ______________
4th Your lowest or dimmest color (quaternary) ______________

There is a $10.00 processing fee for the test. You will receive your Personal Color Spectrum and a (26) page Color Personality Report that explains key areas of your Color Personality.

There is also a (40) page Color Personality Relationship Report that is located in the product section for $14.95 each.