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National Women Expo

Gardette & Associates has created an National Women Expo for corporate partners. The expo is designed for women to have an incredible experience for one or two days.


Create a one to two day fun and educational National Women Expo for women to learn, and be entertained by the different corporate partners. The event will include presentations, seminars and workshops by major corporate partners. The event will focus on companies and products that women are most interested in. The women will have the opportunity to participate in an incredibly informative day.


The National Women Expo will be held in the top (15) cities nationally.The event will be held in a convention center that will accommodate having presentations, workshops, seminar, fashion show, entertainment and a large exhibitor area…

Exhibit Area

The exhibit area will have corporate partner booths in the main area for women to see new, existing products or services that women need and want. There will be a 1 hour fashion show during the lunch period. There will be entertainment featuring a comedy show and or concert. There will also be a 2 hour Mr. Right seminar presentation. 

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors will participate in the event to market their company and products to the women attending the event. The Corporate Sponsorships will participate in one of three categories:

•    Platinum Program
•    Gold Program
•    Silver Program

For more information contact us at:
Gardette & Associates / 877.203.8879 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it